Rick’s Boatyard Marina has been on the reservoir at Eagle Creek Park for over 25 years. The Marina consists of 136 slips that are rented out each winter for the following boating season. Rick Albrecht owns both the restaurant and Marina, and Tena Albrecht, his wife, is the Marina operator. The Marina is part of Eagle Creek Park and complies with all of Indy Parks' regulations to ensure safety on the water. We have a 9.9hp engine restriction and welcome sailboats as well as pontoons. 

The Marina is undergoing renovations, and we have to date replaced 48 slips in the last two years with new TREX material.



The Boating season runs from April 15th to November 1st every year, and renters have 30 days to get boats out of the water. By December 1st, boats must be out of water. If boats are left, the parks department tows and impounds the boat.

A map of the Marina is available below.

No one is allowed in the Marina except for our renters. We have a secured gate with a key fob for each boater. The boaters have their own outside restrooms with locks and trash containers. There is running water on the docks and complimentary docking at the end of each finger (yellow cleats).  Complimentary docking is for residents on the lake coming over to the restaurant. 

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